The Best Jewish Wedding Ceremony Songs For Your Wedding Day

Whether you are attempting to have a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony or simply adding some traditional flair, the good thing is that it is entirely up to YOU. We are not here as wedding planners of course, our goal is to inspire. This list of songs that we’ve curated over the years is simply songs that have been used by couples in their ceremonies and some that we’ve discovered. At the very least, it’s a list to get you started.

Some of the songs on this list have several versions by different artists to give you some options. Listen to these songs and decide the style that appeals to you. Like the melody, but not the lyrics? Search Spotify for an instrumental version of the song. You may also like a particular artist, so click on their name and explore their catalog.

If you are looking for songs to play while getting ready, see a list here.

If indeed you are looking to have a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony, we recommend that you consult your Rabbi for specific rules, etc.

Looking for some insight into Jewish weddings? Here’s a video that you may like. It follows one couple’s journey while planning their wedding:

As you prepare for your Jewish wedding ceremony, one of the most important aspects is choosing the perfect music to set the mood for your special day. The right music can create a joyous and meaningful atmosphere, while reflecting the deep traditions of Jewish culture.

Below, we provide a list of some of the best Jewish wedding songs that you can choose to create the perfect wedding ceremony. Our full inspirational Spotify playlist is at the bottom of the page.

Erev Shel Shoshanim

Erev Shel Shoshanim is a classic Israeli love song that has become a popular choice for Jewish wedding ceremonies. The song’s soft and romantic melody makes it a perfect choice for the processional or recessional. The lyrics, which are based on the Song of Solomon, express the deep love and devotion between two people.

Dodi Li

Dodi Li is a traditional Jewish wedding song that is based on the biblical Song of Solomon. The song’s lyrics express the love and commitment between two people and are often sung during the exchange of rings. The melody is simple yet beautiful and can be sung by a soloist or a choir.

Od Yishama

Od Yishama is a joyful Hebrew folk song that is often played during the Horah dance. The song’s lyrics express the joy and excitement of a wedding celebration and are a perfect fit for the festive atmosphere of a Jewish wedding.

Y’did Nefesh

Y’did Nefesh is a traditional Hebrew love song that is often played during the signing of the Ketubah, which is the Jewish marriage contract. The song’s lyrics express the deep love and devotion between two people and are a perfect fit for this intimate moment in the wedding ceremony.

Here’s our full inspirational list of songs:

Last Updated: February, 2023


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