About The Best Wedding Music

About The Best Wedding Music

The Best Wedding Music was inspired by the many thousands of brides and grooms-to-be that I have consulted with over the years. Some were genuinely stressed out about the music for the many different parts of their wedding day. They wanted their big day to be perfect.

My name is Rick T and I have owned a professional wedding DJ company since 1987. I have worked with thousands of couples trying to make their wedding day go the way they envisioned it.

Typically, brides and grooms find that the music portion of their wedding day gets pushed aside for more urgent matters. When the week of the wedding hits, it’s freak-out time.

We wanted to create a web site that took some of the pressure off. A web site that gives brides  grooms a leap ahead when choosing the music for their wedding day.

The Best Wedding Music breaks down the different portions of a wedding day (getting ready, seating, precessional, processional, dinner music, etc.) and the options a couple has to choose from.

We explain each portion of a wedding day and make it easy for them to work with their professional wedding DJ. Once they’ve talked to their DJ, he or she will know exactly what to play at each moment in order for the wedding day to flow smoothly.

Please explore the different pages and song suggestions on our site. We think that you’ll find each section helpful to make your wedding day run smoothly.

Rick T of The Best Wedding Music
Rick T - Owner of TBWM
The Best Wedding Music
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